Rehabilitation technology to support the virtual cycle of recovery in the home settings

Scalable Technology

PHRASE has scalable technology-based systems that provide user-centred training based on principles of neurorehabilitation.

Clinically Validated

With the competent research and focused team, PHRASE provides a solution for several medical conditions.

AI – Based Rehabilitation

We find solutions to stroke-caused cognitive and neuromotor impairment.



Aims to deliver prognosis and intervention protocols for AI-based rehabilitation using a cloud database with information. 



The PHRASE system is an early example of future intervention for personalized computational medicine.



The PHRASE integrated stroke rehabilitation pipeline seeks to shorten hospital stay, reducing personnel and transportation costs, and create the virtuous cycle of recovery.

                                                                         PHRASE Funding

                                                         This project has been funded by the EIC of the European Union under GA no. 101058240.