Personalised Health cognitive assistance for RehAbilitation SystEm – PHRASE

The burden of stroke-caused cognitive and neuromotor impairment. The overall evidence regarding the impact of rehabilitation upon functional recovery is not strong and needs to be improved.

The PHRASE project will deploy rehabilitation technology that instills and supports the virtual recovery cycle in the at-home setting.

AI-based Rehabilitation


Scalable technology-based systems, that provide user-centred training based on principles of neurorehabilitation, may be the solution to increasing treatment time while reducing cost. The Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS) is a science-based neurorehabilitation tool thats proven to be an effective and accepted solution to improve recovery post-stroke.



The end goal of PHRASE is delivering prognosis and intervention protocols for AI-based rehabilitation using a cloud database with information from stroke patients and healthy controls (EBRAINS) that provides an interface, the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) with said patient’s information.

PHRASE Funding

This project has been funded by the EIC of the European Union under GA no. 101058240.