Consortium Members

                        The PHRASE team involves experts from Research Institutions and Healthcare industry across Europe

Eodyne Systems


Eodyne’s area of expertise is the development and validation of technologies in neurorehabilitation, research tools in neuroscience and humanities, and human-robot interaction.



EBRAINS core services enable the mapping and organization of projects into a persistent and replicable structure at a central and secure place, which makes it easier to pick up complex projects at a later time.



Charité has created a Virtual Research Environment which combines experimental data and tools with neuron brain theory for collaborative brain research.

Saddle Point Science


Saddle Point develops advanced statistical and mathematical techniques, modelling approaches and effective software tools to analyse complex epidemiological and medical trial data. They confront dimension mismatch, latent heterogeneity in disease or host, informative censoring, and confounding factors.

Radboud University


Radboud is a public research university that is responsible for trial coordination and the compliance of the study implementation with all regulatory and ethical requirements..

Our Funding Partner

                                             This project has been funded by the European Union under GA no. 101058240.